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A colorful veiltail swordtail.
























Partly inspired by the beautiful fish posted on the International Xiphophorus Breeder website, I have spent the last several months trying to re-establish this marigold strain and to develop additional strains using platy-swordtail hybridization.

In my 2009 TFH article on Xiphophorus interspecies hybrids, I noted that the available marigold swordtails lacked the vibrant colors found in good quality marigold and sunset platies. At that time I had used hybridization to produce marigold swordtails with more intense coloration. Unfortunately, I did not maintain the strain.

Store bought "Sunburst maculatus" type platy.
Marigold swordtails.
These hybrids are extremely hardy, voracious and fast growing.
Maculatus X Swordtail

This hybrid hifin male has almost no sword and the body more closely resembles that of a maculatus platy.

This hybrid hifin male has a short sword and the body more closely resembles that of a swordtail.

These two hybrid males are large bodied and have short swords.

A pair of hybrids. Approximately 15%-20% of the hybrid females are fertile, based upon the presence of eggs which are visible through the light colored abdomen.

















A pair of "gold dust" wag swordtails. These fish may or may not express the Arnoldi factor, but regardless, the black pigmentation is very intense.









Store bought black red-tailed variatus with 13 dorsal rays.
Marigold hifin swordtail.
The hybrids from this cross (~60) are relatively slow growing and late maturing. Based upon the appearance of the anal fin, many of the "sunset" hybrids will be males, but only one of the black hybrids will be a male when it matures.
This fish is the first hybrid male to mature. It has a short sword and a very wide hifin.
Variatus X Swordtail












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