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These orange wag and orange veiltail female swordtails were obtained by artificial insemination using a veiltail male and a normal-finned female swordtail. Approximately 50% of the offspring were lyretails, but only 10%-20% of these lyretails were complete veiltails.
A colorful marigold wag hifin swordtail.
When selecting hifin swordtails as future breeders, I look for females with wide dorsal fins that have already reached the caudal fin while the fish is still young and males with even wider dorsal fins that have extended beyond the caudal fin before the gonopodium has developed and the fish has become sexually mature.
A large Birchmanni hybrid male containing a short sword and a nice dorsal fin.








































This hifin swordtail is the product of a male swordtail containing a wide, flowing dorsal fin and a X. montezuma/ helleri hybrid. This male has a longer sword than his father, but will need to be bred to its siblings or back to a montezuma hybrid to increase the sword length even further.




















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