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Black Pigmented Lyretail Maculatus
Store bought male black platy
Female orange lyretail platies
A few years ago I developed a line of lyretail maculatus platies by crossing a lyretail swordtail and a store-bought maculatus platy. After several rounds of backcrossing to the platy stock I established a line of orange lyretail platies, examples of which are shown in the right image below.
To establish a line of black pigmented lyretail maculatus platies, a store-bought black maculatus platy was crossed with the orange lyretail platies. Some of the black pigmented lyretail platy offspring are shown below.
In a separate mating I crossed a store-bought male black spotted maculatus platy with a female marigold swordtail. The black spotted offspring were then crossed with a lyretail swordtail and two of the platy-like lyretail male offspring from that cross are shown below. Note that the male on the right exhibits intense black pigmentation. If this male was bred back to a swordtail many of the black pigmented offspring would develop melanoma.



























































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