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The albino genotype primarily affects black pigmentation, therefore, albino strains of most red and yellow pigmented varieties of swordtails and platies can be developed. This young marigold albino swordtail is an example.
This male half-lyretail (HL) and a female HL "popped up" in a backcross of a X. montezuma lyretail hybrid to a X. montezuma/helleri F1.
These orange tuxedo and orange tuxedo wag hifins were derived from a colorful strain of swordtail bred by Jim Langhammer.
It's not surprising that breeders have experimented with mixing swordtail and platy genes. This colorful platy-swordtail hybrid expresses genes from a freckled platy, a marigold swordtail and a black tuxedo hifin swordtail.








































A true colored sunset swordtail, this fish expresses genes from X. helleri, X. variatus, and X. birchmanni.




















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