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A pair of red tailed variatus-swordtail hybrids.
Maculatus-swordtail hybrids
The F1s from this cross are very attractive and have not developed melanoma. The male hybrid shown above was bred to a white swordtail female. By breeding these fish for several generations it should be possible to develop a strain that is both attractive and tumor free.
Birchmanni-variatus hybrids

In an attempt to develop both a hifin and a black birchmanni, I crossed a birchmanni female with a male from Karl Trochu's "Hawaiian" strain of black hifin variatus. The birchmanni colored offspring (top image) are almost exclusively males and surprisingly, they are fertile. I only obtained 7 black hybrids, one of which died from a non-melanotic tumor. The black hybrids are growing at very different rates and they all appear to be females at this point.




























































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Neither of the parents in this cross are veiltails, yet a relatively high percentage (~50%) of the lyretail offspring are veiltails or partial veiltails. Whereas the lyretail gene (L) is inherited as a simple Mendelian dominant, the inheritance of veiltail is more complex, possibly involving incomplete dominance. These results again confirm that veiltails do not necessarily contain two copies of the lyretail gene.